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How To Manage & Motivate Trade Show Booth Staff

How To Manage & Motivate Trade Show Booth Staff

While it is necessary to have a trade show booth that attracts people in, it's critical to have employees who are determined, enthusiastic, educated, and well-trained. A well-trained staff can increase your ROI at the trade show event. Following are fundamental ways to encourage and stimulate your trade show staff for superior results.

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1. Stick to Experienced Employees

Don't make the mistake of placing inexperienced employees in your trade show booth. While it's true that a lot of people dread being asked to work a trade show, you should not give the job to employees who are lacking the experience.

In lots of ways, this is your company's one chance to create a lasting impression on people. All of the drive and willingness cannot replace wisdom, knowledge and experience. When deciding which employees to send to a trade show, focus on individuals who have plenty of quality experience in the field.

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2. Choose Individuals Who Want To Attend

Resentful employees are not the best candidates to represent you or your company at a trade show. Sometimes unfortunately, you may not have many choices or overall flexibility in this choosing this selection. However, if you understand deeply your employees, the ones who truly enjoy these kind of social events, you may want to justify in sending them on your behalf.

Of course, they should have the right experience and knowledge as well. Employees who request to attend should come across as happy, excited and

enthusiastic, as those characteristics will go a long way toward producing great results for your business.

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3. Provide Incentives To Staff Who Choose To Attend

Unless you have any overtly enthusiastic employees available, making an effort to make it worthwhile for them to fly out and attend the trade show is always an appreciated perk. By offering bonuses to operate the trade show booth, you can convert employees who are significantly less than keen into individuals who are highly determined to do their absolute best at the trade show.

The bonuses that you utilize will rely upon the type of industry you're in and on the targeted goals of your employees. They may range from complimentary gift cards to letters of recommendation.

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4. Have the Proper People Present

It's crucial to really have the right staff in your booth at a trade show. For instance, if the press is going to be there, ensure that you have a staff member who's experienced in working with the media. In the event that you will be showcasing complex technical products, have an associate of your specialized staff present.

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5. Set Goals and Make Your Personnel Aware of Them

Don't send your staff to a trade show without a list of goals. If you're trying to unveil a new product, inform them that they ought to be doing that. If your goal is to increase market share, make that known to the correct individuals who'll be representing you.

It will provide them with clear direction about how to precisely connect with prospects who visit your booth, and it will make it much easier to gauge your current success later.

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6. Arm Your Trade Show Booth Staff with the Proper Information

Your trade show booth staff should have a great deal of information to utilize before, after and during the event.

Prepare an informational packet and deliver it into your employees' hands at least a week or two prior to the event. It should outline key points from the positioning of the booth to information about local restaurants.

Your sales team should go over lists who will be attending and highlight the strongest potential leads. Instruct your trade show staff how to handle each situation and prepare with answers for common questions about your product or brand.

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7. Training is Key

Whether you're working with the sales or technical personnel, it is very important to provide proper training prior to the day of the trade show. This training is just as important to seasoned trade show personnel as it is for novices who are doing this for the very first time. In the end, each trade show experience differs. Different goals should be set up for each trade show event.

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8. Dressing the Part

Finally, it's imperative to make sure that your trade show booth staff dress properly for the trade show event. Emphasize the value of looking professional all the time. This pertains not only to just what a person wears, but it also their demeanor as well.

Once trade show is complete, consult with your trade show staff and have them report on their successes and goals for the next event. Use these reports to evaluate the overall success of their work. If errors or faults were made, evaluate and communicate them to your team and use that information to avoid repeating them in the future. Follow these simple steps, and you will build a great and successful trade show team.

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