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8 Important Tips To Generate Leads At Trade Shows

8 Important Tips To Generate Leads At Trade Shows

Having difficulty producing leads at trade show events? If so, I don't blame you. It's hard. People prefer to pretend it's very easy, but although you may have a unique and innovative new product, getting visitors to pay attention can be struggling. I've combed through all my trade show experience to create a list of tips that will produce and generate leads just a little easier for you and your team.

1. Use an iPad to create a newsletter sign up.

Trade Show Newsletter | Trade Show House

Newsletters are a terrific way to interact with your visitors and share important ideas. Unfortunately, a great deal folks don't benefit from the process of registering for something. To persuade them to sign up , make it easy and, well, offer them free stuff in exchange.

An effective idea is to add an iPad stand to your trade show booth and advertise a giveaway that's linked with your newsletter subscription. Whenever someone subscribes to your newsletter at your booth, they get entered into the giveaway. It's fast and simple.

2. Produce a digital catalog of your products and services.

Produce A Digital Catalog For Your Trade Show Event | Trade Show House

No, I'm not speaking of your e-commerce website. I'm talking about a catalog. A PDF or something similar that lists your prices and products in a fairly easy and quick to download format. If you always count on your website, you will be out of luck if the trade show's public wi-fi hotspot runs sluggish, or even worse, is not available. Instead, an electronic digital catalog enables you to showcase your products to possible leads in mere seconds.

3. Hand out bookmarks rather than flyers.

Hand Out Trade Show Customized Bookmarks | Trade Show House

You may be thinking, "but no one reads actual books anymore." This is not true! While the millennial generation might not read physical books as much as us elders do, everybody loves bookmarks even if indeed they don't read. When it comes down to it, flyers are throw-away pieces of paper with no other use other than advertise. Bookmarks are something people will actually use and keep. While other competitor's flyers will end up in the garbage, your bookmark will find its way into the attendee's books or catalogs as they're reading on the flight back long after the show ends.

4. Include a charging station within your trade show booth.

Trade Show Charging Table Stand | Trade Show House

Another great way to generate leads is to simply entice the attention of visitors to your booth by targeting their mobile phone dependency. Studies show people today spend almost 5 hours a day on their mobile phone. Sooner or later though at the trade show, they'll need to recharge it, so why not draw them into your booth with a complimentary charging station?

Charging stations offer you an incredible advantage over your competitors by showcasing a a large gathering around your booth . Attendees notice large gatherings and most people follow the crowd. Utilize this time to properly introduce yourself and your services and connect with these new visitors. Speak to them as people rather than customers, and you will find yourself producing more leads.

5. Tweet people using the expo's hashtag

Twitter Hashtag Tweet Attendees At Trade Show House

Hashtags are actually very helpful if you are using them the correct way. Don't just drop a couple of random hashtags at the end of your tweet to fill space. Instead, be purposeful in your hashtag utilization. Seek out those using the trade show's hashtag. If the show does not have one, make one. Retweet anyone using it, then tweet those to invite them to your booth.

6. Create a digital press kit prior to the show.

Trade Show Press Kit | Trade Show House

To be successful at your trade show event, you must come prepared. To truly prepare yourself, you'll need a press kit filled with all the bells and whistles. Press kits are essential for many businesses, no matter their size.

Whenever someone with a press badge comes to your booth, offer to send them your press kit package. Avoid being obnoxious by shoving it in their face when they step within 10 feet in front of you though. Instead, begin conversing with the journalist and by the end of the dialogue, mention you have a kit to provide to them. This is a more natural strategy that will make them more likely to review your press kit than if you had just tossed it at them without even bothering to ask their name first.

7. Plan a interview at your booth.

Trade Show Booth Press Interview | Trade Show House

If you are really well prepared for a trade show, you should have delivered a press release beforehand to local media outlets. It is critical to connect before you get to the trade show event, but it doesn't mean you should stop speaking with the press after the trade show begins. While you follow-up with your connections, offer to do an interview and plan it at your trade show booth. When attendees see you doing an interview, you'll look successful and more appealing. People love marketing attention so if indeed they see the media at your booth, they'll come to check out what's going on. This will convert your booth into a traffic hotspot while displaying to investors you are someone they ought to check out.

8. Solicit business cards for a raffle.

Trade Show Raffle Idea | Trade Show House

To be able to convert potential leads into business connections, you will need people's contact information. How will you get that info? Business cards of course! But how will you get someone's business cards?

One of the best ways is to get a large volume of business cards is to advertise a raffle. It's an oldie but a goodie. Supply a prize like a gift card and also have people drop their business cards in a bowl as their admittance to the raffle. Now you have their contact number, name and email.

These 8 tips can help you generate leads at the next trade show. Leads, however, are about building connections and relationships with people. If you'd like these to become sales and business partnerships, you should do more than simply send a general follow-up email. Spend money on your visitors and you'll end up reaping a much higher return.

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