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Tabletop Displays

Tabletop displays are lightweight, highly portable and ideal for adding "WOW" factor to any 4ft, 6ft or 8ft long standard table display. Table top displays appeal to wider range of customers than any other type of trade show display. For many people, a table top display is the only trade show display they need. When paired with a custom printed table cover, the table top displays in this category are an inexpensive way to make a professional looking exhibit that will get noticed at smaller shows.

At shows where few exhibitors have a professional trade show display, a well designed table top display stands out and attracts customers just as effectively as larger, more expensive trade show displays. By adding additional elements, such as a few banners stands, a table top display can be expanded to fill a larger space and create a stronger visual impact. Table top displays are also popular for presentations, so a single display can be used for multiple purposes, making them an excellent value.

Sometimes you just need a small display. From collapsible folding displays to table-sized tension fabric displays and more, Trade Show House offers innovative ways of making full use of your table space. Maximize your exposure and give potential customers at-a-glance access to the information they need to know about your business — with a tabletop display, it's easy and cost-effective. At a trade show, industry convention or other event, our tabletop displays represent some of the best bang for the buck in advertising your brand your way.

Types of Trade Show Tabletop Displays

Fabric Pop Up Tabletop Displays

Our Fabric Pop Up Table Displays are our most popular and best selling table top display product. These collapsible tension fabric tabletop displays feature an integrated fabric graphic that makes it the fastest and one of the easiest displays on the market. Simply expand the collapsible frame and you have a fast and impactful tabletop display. The dye-sublimated knit-polyester graphic can remain attached and fold away with the frame giving a fast pack away time and even faster assembly time. Pop Up Fabric Table Top Displays  from Trade Show House are the ideal solution for trade shows because of their portability and dynamic appearance.

Tension Fabric Tabletop Displays

Tension Fabric Table Displays feature wrinkle-free dye-sublimated printed polyester fabric graphic and lightweight tube frames. These stretch fabric displays are incredibly easy to assemble and carry from the showroom floor to the convention hall. Simply snap the push lock frame into place and stretch the zippered pillowcase-style fabric display over the frame, and voila! A gorgeous, custom display that’s perfect for free-standing or tabletop advertisement.

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