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How To Properly Care For Your Trade Show Booth

How To Properly Care For Your Trade Show Booth

Properly taking care of your trade show booth is a special treatment to increase the life span of the components, especially after the time put into the look and production of it, as well as the financial investment. This means every little bit of should look practically new each and every time it's on display. How you care for this investment is vital, specially when it's being utilized many times annually, or more.


Trade Show Exhibit Storage Facility | Trade Show House

Not all storage spaces are created equal. Sunlight and humidity can harm or damage the graphics, so exposing your trade show booth to these elements is not advised. A warehouse can be harmful to your display's health, particularly if it isn't a temperature controlled environment.

The ideal trade show storage solution of your booth is to use a reliable company, such as Trade Show House. Because we know very well what your booth needs, we end up being the custodians of your investment. And, we can dispatch it anywhere.


Trade Show Booth Shipping Methods | Trade Show House

How you store your trade show exhibit will have an impact on how it journeys to your next expo. Specialty-built cases and crates offer better protection and insurance to your investment whenever your trade show booth moves from one location to the other. Trade show booth parts need to be packaged snugly, so that they do not move or get damaged during transporting. Any movement within the shipping crate can cause scratches, dents or even permanent damage to the delicate parts of your display.

Assembly & Disassembly

Trade Show Booth Assembly & Disassembly | Trade Show House

Always take inventory notes and create checklists of the contents in the crates, such as, number and names of exhibit parts, how and what they went to, and any necessary tools that are required the next time around prior to packing and shipping your trade show exhibit. Proper labeling is vital. You may even want to examine the booth before it's initial transportation. The same amount of attention and detail is necessary when dismantling the booth.

We at Trade Show House are industry leading experts on trade show booth care, from custom trade show booth design, to trade show exhibit storage solutions. Feel free to give us a call at (732) 326-2130 and one of our knowledgeable sales reps will be happy to assist you with your exhibiting needs.

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