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10 Reasons You Need A New Trade Show Display

10 Reasons You Need A New Trade Show Display

Trade Show Displays are true investments. The money and effort you put into them up front will reward you for years to come with trade show traffic, brand awareness, leads, and sales for your business. In fact, the average trade show exhibit lasts anywhere from 3 to 7 years. As time goes on, though, your best trade show exhibits wear out or lose their usefulness and must be replaced.

Here are 10 reasons you need a new trade show display:

1. Your current trade show booth is old

Your trade show display isn't eye-catching anymore and event attendees don't look your way. It's time for a new design and look!

2. You are entering a fresh new market

A recent rebranding, a hot new product to unveil, or a fresh new market you are getting into, your old trade show display no longer compliments how your business image is portrayed.

3. You need a larger trade show booth

You intend to make a larger impression and plan to make big footprint to harvest more opportunity. You will need more room for conferences, demos, presentations and storage area. Which means you want to try out a wider inline or a more substantial island trade show display space, either renting components to increase what you already own, or starting over completely with a new and larger trade show booth.

4. You need a smaller trade show booth

Your budget is more limited than it was previously, and that means you want to promote in a smaller area to also decrease your operating costs. Or, you're planning to exhibit in a variety of smaller shows rather than much larger shows, and the desire for a new smaller booth that will still showcase you as an industry leader.

5. You will need another trade show booth for an international show

Your business is looking to branch out to overseas marketplaces to and instead of shipping your trade show exhibit back and forth, you prefer to save time and shipping costs by getting a new one for your international market.

6. You exhibit at more shows than expected

As you find more potential trade shows to exhibit at, consider two or more design choices of trade show displays to complement different trade show industry events. Also consider a trade show booth rental if you have a tighter budget.

7. You need an additional trade show display for your agents or sales reps

Your field agents and resellers are requesting a trade show display for their strong local markets. It's great they would like to promote your company and products, and they're even willing to cover the booth space and personnel the booth. Provide them with a durable and easy to setup trade show booth with to engage with these new prospects.

8. You are new to trade show exhibit marketing

You've started a fresh new company and want to showcase your new products at an upcoming trade show. Or your business has been around a while, and you want to finally utilize the marketing crowds of industry events to meet new customers face to face. A great option is renting a trade show display!

9. Your business is at the stages of a merger or acquisition

Your business has bought, been bought, or merged with another company. You might have been both exhibiting at the same shows, however now you need collaborate together in a single, presumably larger trade show booth.

10. The courier lost or damaged your trade show display

It happens. People make blunders, even people who work at courier and transport companies. Sometimes trade show exhibits get lost or damaged. While insurance is there to help cover the costs for a replacement display, there are many reasons why you could invest in a newer and more portable trade show display. Now is the time to update to a new design and branding. Set yourself apart from the rest of the competition. Contact us to speak with one of our sales reps to see how we can transform your old look into an eye-catching trade show exhibit!

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