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How To Create A Simple & Highly Effective Trade Show Display

How To Create A Simple & Highly Effective Trade Show Display

Innovations in technology have managed to get easier to create your own trade show display design. However, you can get lost in the technology and lose perception of the fundamentals. With regards to making a trade show display, your images and design should be simple as well as your layouts clean.

Here are five basic elements that each trade show display should include and techniques for using each one of these elements to generate a powerful trade show display.

  1. Visuals
  2. Headline
  3. Description
  4. Company Name
  5. Website

Choosing Trade Show Design Carefully | Trade Show House

1. Choose your trade show design carefully.

Simple, vibrant and clear images will be the most reliable in setting up a memorable canvas for your offering story. Ornate and complicated art and images may be great to check out but can be distracting and far less effective as a backdrop for your trade show display.

Tip: When possible, select simple images. You might use many images to share a complex design, but often, an individual simple image will work equally well.

If you're searching for a trade show design, there is a wide range of services online offering simple graphic design elements and affordable stock imagery and illustrations to use in creating your trade show display.

Choose A Creative Headline Trade Show Display | Trade Show House

2. Create a straightforward and easy to keep in mind headline.

Choose your words carefully, and keep the headline for your trade show display simple, clear and brief!

Many people that didn't intend to visit you at the show will most likely walk past your booth. They could, at best, give your trade show display a passing look. This, contrary to popular belief, is often your only chance to seize them. If your trade show display has a carefully considered and powerful headline, they could choose to take a moment and find out a bit more about your company.

The shorter your headline the bigger it can seem on your trade show display. The bigger it is on your booth, the further your screen can be seen on the trade show floor. Even a table top display with a brief bold message can be seen from several yards away in the crowd.

The selection of typeface is also very important. With hundreds to choose from, choosing the right one can seem daunting.

Tip: Select an easy and simple to learn typeface. The next time you're at a trade show, take notice of the displays made by large companies.

Trade Show Booth Design - Keep It Simple | Trade Show House 

3. Be cautious when writing your information.

We realize it's tempting to describe and explain all of your services and products in your trade show display - but don't!

Just as much as you want them to, most trade show attendees won't want to invest enough time reading about your company. Your headline and visuals of your trade show booth design should capture their attention. Keep your phrases simple, but brief.


  • Use bullet points.
  • Keep your announcements short.
  • Do not get too technical and detailed.
  • Remember, less is more.

If you have access of a copywriter, use one. If not, ask a pal, a school professor, and/or someone not linked to your business to examine your trade show display design. You'll be impressed how at how much you can learn.

The trick to creating a powerful trade show display, whether a floor display or a table top display, is the ability to use easy to read images and text and combine them into a clean structure for the customer to understand in a matter of seconds.

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4. Make the business name prominent.

It's amazing just how many trade show displays appear to cover up their company name. You pay big money to exhibit. Put in a little extra work and be sure your company's name is not hard for everyone to see.

Tip: Place the business name in the header part of your trade show booth design, because so many trade show guests will be prepared to think it is there.

Trade Show Booth Design | Trade Show House

5. Feature your website address.

Probably the most important concept in all of your trade show display design is your website address. This is because if the show attendee noticed something in your trade show booth that interests them, they can read your website address, even far away, and visit it at their leisure.

If you don't have a website yet, invest the time in creating free social media profiles for your business and have those website links on your trade show display design. Adding the social icon next to your social handle is just as effective and saves space for your design.

Tip: Make an effort to select a website name that is both significant to your business and the one which is simple to keep in mind.

Follow these five basic elements discussed above to make your trade show display highly effective at your next trade show.

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