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Backlit Inflatable Towers

Our all-new Backlit Inflatable Towers are among the most innovative products we offer that create eye-catching illuminated spaces and experiences to your booth that are larger than life. Guaranteed to grab attention from across the exhibit hall, these lightweight and easily transportable backlit inflatable towers offer a big impact at any trade show!

Our Backlit Inflatable Towers consist of a melamine top and base with an inflatable core that provides the structure for the counter. Pre-attached LED lights around the perimeter of the base provide bright, even illumination for the fabric graphic that makes up the body of the display and can light up a room with your message or branding. The entire display deflates and packs to under 6" in height and weighs less than 24 lbs.

These Inflatable Backlit Towers are the fastest an easiest trade show towers to set up, taking only 30 seconds to inflate with our 500W electric air pump. For even greater versatility, we offer optional rechargeable battery packs that allow you to use these towers wherever it's convenient, regardless of available outlets. These rechargeable batteries can power the LED lights for up to 4 hours on a single charge.

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