Unlocking Brand Impact: The Power of Backlit Tower Displays in Trade S – Trade Show House

Unlocking Brand Impact: The Power of Backlit Tower Displays in Trade Shows

Unlocking Brand Impact: The Power of Backlit Tower Displays in Trade Shows

When it comes to trade show 20x20 island displays, the allure of additional display space is undeniable. For those on a budget without room for a hanging sign, tower displays emerge as a compelling alternative, delivering visibility that can be spotted from a distance of up to 100 meters. Elevating brand recognition has become a pivotal focus, especially within expansive booths.

Picture your company's trade show booth magnified by an extra 125 square feet of display area. Imagine this bonus space, brilliantly illuminated and prominently positioned above the standard eight-foot backwalls – the norm for most trade show setups. Enter the realm of backlit tower displays and explore their game-changing benefits.

Found Space at its Best

A towering display measuring 16 feet in height boasts sides spanning around four feet each. With a square footprint, this 16-foot wonder brings around 250 square feet of display space to its surfaces, with half of it soaring above the standard eight-foot back wall height. The math is compelling – you invest 16 square feet of floor space in your booth and reap a staggering 250 square feet of display, 125 of which constitutes newfound space. Positioned strategically to captivate attendees from across the room, this space exponentially amplifies brand exposure and messaging impact. Ensure that you're aware of any height restrictions applicable to your booth size before implementation.

Convenience Meets Economy

The notion of constructing a 16-foot tower within your booth might seem daunting, laden with concerns about additional drayage and installation costs. However, there exist portable alternatives that significantly reduce transport expenses and facilitate surprisingly hassle-free setup. Inflatable or portable frame towers present a viable solution, allowing your team to assemble the tower swiftly with minimal to no professional installation assistance. Certain well-engineered units can be conveniently packed into suitcases or hard-cases, ready to accompany your team on flights or fit easily into passenger cars. The feasibility of building your own display depends on the show venue's policies; make sure to verify this ahead of time.

Harnessing Backlight Brilliance

The advantages of backlit tower displays are both apparent and unexpected. Human attention is naturally drawn to light, color, sound, and movement. A tower display exploits this inclination, leveraging light and enhanced color to seize attention. Consider integrating monitor mounts for dynamic content and sound. However, the crux of successful utilization lies in selecting the right tower. Quality varies significantly, making it essential to invest in the highest quality within your budget. Backlighting elevates the impact of premium material graphics, provided they're meticulously designed. Alignment of backlighting with your design is critical to ensure that the graphics shine while avoiding any amplification of imperfections.

Unlock the Possibilities of Found Space

To harness the full potential of your island booth, it's imperative to visualize how your brand will inhabit the newfound space. Encompassing three to four expansive surfaces opens a realm of opportunities for brand visibility. Strategic design is the cornerstone of optimizing these opportunities. Collaborating with a graphic design professional, ideally from a full-service trade show provider like Skyline, ensures a cohesive final look. Basic design principles and personal sketches can aid in preliminary ideation. Vertical flow is often preferred, with your logo and company name positioned atop each face of the tower. Consider maintaining consistent messages across all sides or tailoring graphics to each side while anchoring them with your visual branding at the summit.

As you endeavor to maximize brand impact within budget constraints, backlit tower displays emerge as invaluable assets. From portable inflatable towers to structured backlit units, these towers offer a multitude of benefits. Their height grants unparalleled visibility without sacrificing floor space. Multiple surfaces facilitate organized messaging segmentation, technological integration via monitors or tablets, and the potential for concealed storage within the tower. Embrace the multifaceted benefits of towers in your next island exhibit, and watch as your brand's presence and impact surge to new heights.

Choose The Right Partner

To truly make a memorable impression at your next event, it's essential to possess a trade show booth display that exudes quality, captures attention, and fosters engagement. With Trade Show House as your partner, crafting an impeccable trade show exhibit that resonates with your brand's aesthetics becomes an exciting reality. Our collaboration empowers you to customize the display to seamlessly align with your company's identity. Prior to finalizing, you'll have the opportunity to preview the exhibit, instilling you with confidence for your next trade show event!

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