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WaveLight Displays

The Wavelight Backlit Displays are the future of visual display marketing, allowing creators to add tone, mood or atmosphere with light to elevate their message and brand. In the world of trade show displays, space is always at a premium. Therefore exhibitors need a booth that not only fits their booth space, but also draws potential clients in. In a large expo hall where other booths tend to blend together, you need a trade show display that stands out and shows off your message. Exhibitors looking for a unique display need look no further. Trade Show House is proud to offer one of the best-selling lines of backlit exhibits in the industry, the Backlit Wavelight Trade Show Display. WaveLight Backlit LED Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays are lightweight anodized aluminum frames with fabric graphics that create trade show displays with the ideal combination of portability, affordability, and dynamic appearance.

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