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10' x 10' Trade Show Displays

10' x 10' Trade Show Displays & Booths from Trade Show House

10x10 is one of the most common sizes of booths available at trade shows and conventions. It's no surprise there are so many display products on the market. At Trade Show House, we have hand selected the best 10x10 trade show displays available today.

While space might seem inadequate, there’s actually a lot that can be done with a 10x10 space that will be both functional and aesthetically striking. For new exhibitors, a 10x10 trade show booth display might be your budget’s best option—but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Things To Consider When Purchasing a 10' x 10' Trade Show Display

Portability: Most often, when exhibitors are looking for a booth for their next 10x10 display, portability is their first concern. Many of our trade show displays break down into compact containers or bags, making it fast and easy to get in and get out of the exhibit hall. Our Pop Up Fabric Display Kits and Tension Fabric Display Kits are our best-selling options due to their modern design and ease of transportation.

Price: As the cost of the display itself is not the only cost involved in exhibiting, it’s usually the first thing exhibitors consider when planning for their budget.  Exhibiting fees, transportation, lodging, meals, etc. can often times leave little left for the actual display.  That’s why Trade Show House offers many low cost, high impact 10x10 trade show booth options.

Features: Knowing what features are needed will help narrow the field when choosing the right 10x10 trade show booth. Do you need shelving, monitor mounts, kiosks or counter space? If you know what features you need, but not sure which display is the right fit, give us a call at (732) 326-2130. Our expert staff will easily and quickly point you in the right direction.

Expandability: There’s nothing wrong with starting small, but planning for a larger booth down the road that can save you time and money. Many of our trade show displays are considered “modular” meaning you can add to them or even rearrange them. Many customers purchase a 10ft display, then purchase another 10ft display to make one 20ft trade show booth setup later on.  Purchasing a 10ft trade show display you can easily add on to down the road may be something to consider now.

Custom Trade Show Booth Design Services Available

Creating an effective 10' x 10' trade show display is all about making the best use of the small amount of space available. Overly busy designs will be difficult to read, whereas too-sparse displays won't convey the information necessary. A graphic originally created for a larger banner or sign may not translate well to the smaller canvas a tabletop display provides. Our designers know our products better than anyone else — we also know what will work best in crowded trade show settings. We can modify an existing design to better fit a 10x10 trade show display or create something entirely new from scratch, based on your input.

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