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Trade Show Closing Tips

Trade Show Closing Tips

Companies spend excessive amounts of money and time introducing and exhibiting their products at industry events. In fact, it is a significant source of promotion in nearly every industry. The most important goal from a trade show ought to be to close new business either at the show or from connections made on the floor.

For your trade show to be successful, your booth must work as a branch office of your organization. Your booth personnel symbolize your company's image. Their professional conduct and behavior will ultimately persuade event attendees whether to take your company seriously. Common mistakes created by exhibitors while in their trade show booth can result in a lost potential client. The nine "Don'ts" listed here are easy to avoid once you're alert to the trade show guidelines on the road.

Every dialogue you have should lead to your objective, a sale. Remember, people purchase your personality first before they ever think about your product. At a trade show, a salesperson has the opportunity to reach many qualified leads who normally aren't accessible. The Trade Show Bureau states that 80% of trade show attendees are buying influencers for at least one of the products advertised at the show. Studies also show that industry events, when worked accurately, will be the most affordable way to attain a buying audience. Relating to McGraw-Hill Research, an average commercial sales phone calls costs over $229, compared to the Trade Show Bureau study amount of $107 per certified buyer contact at a trade show.

A trade show is the beginning of a buying romance. Choose your booth staff carefully. Choose your very best sales and technical representatives. It should to be an honor, not really a responsibility, to be chosen for your company's trade show display team. Ensure that your booth personnel are trained to market and give effective presentations on the trade show floor. Stress the team effort. If possible, make use of the talents and experience of a trade show specialist to help them make the change from field sales to advertising on the trade show floor.

Your show area should be considered a sales tool for your trained booth personnel. It ought to be large enough to carry booth staff, participants and products easily. A trade show booth should be staffed by at least two different people, otherwise you risk the opportunity of the customer feeling uneasy and threatened. A potential customer who is uneasy won't make a committed action.

Your trade show booth should be dazzling, well lit and also have a simple immediate message, plus a convincing demo of the merchandise or service. Product benefits should be stressed at all times as potential customers often purchase by the benefits of the product to their business, not the features. Keep in mind, the prospect comes to see the product, not the booth. Don't allow the booth to overwhelm the merchandise.

As a general rule of thumb, industry experts quote custom trade show exhibit design and fabrication costs at $100 per square foot or $1,000 per linear foot. To get the most out of your trade show booth dollars, consider using Modular Trade Show Displays that can be utilized in several different configurations to keep the price tag on exhibiting down.

It is vital to maintain a professional image throughout the show. Which means all salespeople should really know what is expected of these such as: qualifying skills, advantage selling, and quick follow-ups. Your trade show booth should be made to help the booth personnel sell the merchandise benefits and reflect the professionalism and reliability of your company. By working a trade show appropriately, you'll be guaranteed more sales through industry events.

Trade Show Don'ts:

1. Sitting down, except with a potential customer.

2. Smoking, drinking alcohol, eating or chewing gum.

3. Speaking with fellow staff rather than focusing on show attendees.

4. Ignoring prospects.

5. Being excessively aggressive.

6. Obstructing the booth entrance.

7. Handing out literature to everyone.

8. Reading the newspaper.

9. Underestimating the prospects.

Success Tips For A Trade Show:

1. Be carefully groomed.

2. Be enthusiastic. Passion sells!

3. Utilize the prospect's name.

4. Learn all you can about your product.

5. Know your competition.

6. Be ready to demonstrate.

7. Be promptly on time for booth duty.

8. Qualify all prospects.

9. Set a commitment to action.

10. Wear your badge on your right side.

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