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How To Make Every Trade Show Event Your Own

How To Make Every Trade Show Event Your Own

So, your company exhibits at a couple of trade shows every year. And everyone on your team goes through the motions of preparing for the next big show...

Exhibit Products ✓

Shipping and Setup ✓

Sales Collateral ✓

Giveaways ✓

But are you just going through the motions or are you and your company really taking control and CLAIMING each trade show event as your own?

No matter how large or small your exhibit, there are a number of opportunities for taking your next trade show event and really making it yours!

It Starts Before Show Day

In the months and weeks leading up to your trade show event, you should utilize your arsenal of marketing skills and tools to make the show your own. From emails and direct mail invites, to prospects, to your social media channels - you should be talking up the show - and not just YOUR presence at the show.

Become a resource for anyone attending the show and share information about show related events, learning sessions or special demonstrations that you find useful. And of course include the ones that your company is directly related to or involved with!

By posting event-related content to your social channels and website - you'll not only reach existing followers and fans, but you'll also gain organic attention from website searches related to the show!

Have a Voice Once the Show Begins

Once the show begins and your booth gets busy - it's easy to forget about the outside world. But, don't ignore those that couldn't make the event and those who ARE attending the show but and are tuned in to social media.

Stories, updated and of course photos are all great content to report - from the show floor on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

The importance is to bring the show to life for those who couldn't make the event and make new contacts with those who are there in-person!

Don't Stop When the Exhibit is Over

Once the show closes, be sure to write wrap-up blog articles, make a few last social shares of photos, reviews and plans for next year's show.

By creating and sharing content - you can claim each show you exhibit at and create a buzz around your exhibit and brand! Be the talk of the show floor and your social channels.

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