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Achieving Success At Your First Trade Show

Achieving Success At Your First Trade Show

New to industry events? Fear not! We've put together key advice to make your first trade show run as effortlessly as possible, from planning tips to booth design. This article can help you improve your experience as first time exhibitor, while assisting you to reach your trade show goals.

Planning Tips for First-Time Exhibitors

Properly arranging a trade show can be an rigorous process, and can seem to be overwhelming to the very first time exhibitor. Stay ahead of the curve with these expert planning tips!

1. Register Early

Reserve your show space early and take advantage of early-bird pricing, that may offer you wiggle room for other expenses down the road. Early subscription also leaves additional time for planning and booth design. Established deadline reminders to make certain you don't miss any opportunities for early-bird discount rates on space, services, occurrences, sponsorships and even more.

2. Stay Up-to-Date on Emails

We realize that your inbox will often seem bottomless, but it is very important to keep up with e-mails in the weeks before your event. Coordinators can send instructions a few months before an event, so it is vital to stay up to date to avoid lacking anything critical.

3. Utilize the Attendee List

Many shows provide attendee lists to exhibitors (usually at an expense) before the event. Review this list carefully to find out which attendees are likely to be considering your business. You can even get in touch with these guests via email or social media to market your booth at the function. However, be careful to avoid spam-like messaging techniques, ensuring to keep them personal and participating in order to evaluate genuine interest.

4. Use your Booth Number

Prominently use you booth number on all pre-show promotional materials, as it's the simplest way for interested guests to find you on your day of the function. Integrated pre-show marketing programs that feature the booth number can help drive qualified foot traffic to your booth.

5. Use Happenings to Network & Make Connections

Discussion panels, training seminars, workshops and product unveilings are your very best friend. They create excellent opportunities for networking with other similar companies and participants. These connections may then support your business. Check with your show agenda to find networking happenings, or consider sponsoring your own event.

6. Staffing

Ensure that you have helpful workers on the floor, and that they have breaks and backups to avoid exhaustion. Be clear about goals and anticipations so your personnel recognizes what it is your business is seeking to accomplish by participating at the show. Teamwork is quite crucial for an effective event!

7. Giveaways

Giveaways generate thrills among guests and improve brand popularity. Well-designed swag reminds guests of your service or product long following the event has ended, so incorporating special offers during your show is key.

8. Creating Your First Trade Show Booth

A well-designed trade show display sets the level for success. This is true for veteran exhibitors and first-timers likewise.

9. Design your Booth with your Targets in Mind

There's a saying that goes, "Unless you know where you're heading, any road is certain to get you there." Alas, this definitely will not apply to creating a trade show booth, whether you're a specialist or a newbie. Determining your goal and creating around that goal is the main step in developing your trade show booth. Whether your emphasis is on increasing leads, sales or brand publicity can help determine the look, appearance and feel of your booth, so make certain to define your goals early.

10. Contract an Interior Booth Space

When planning your first trade show show, avoid the enticement to contract a sizable space. Instead, start small to be able to measure the show's income probability. Determine the smallest exhibit booth size you will need to help reach your goals when going to any event for the very first time. It will always be best to start out small and broaden later versus over-spending.

11. Know Your Space before Building Your Exhibit

Every trade show booth begins with a clear canvas. When making your first trade show display, understand the show space prior to making decisions about materials, artwork, visual designs and booth setups.

Listed below are a few questions to consider:

Just how big is the area?
Where will your space be found in the building?
Is the location a low-or-high traffic area?
Will you get access to lamps or electricity?
What companies or businesses will be your neighbors?
Does the place have level or structural limitations that will impact your exhibit?

With regards to your first trade show, there are no ridiculous questions and locating the answers to these specific questions can save you time and from unwanted surprises down the road.

12. Consider Renting a Trade Show Booth

Renting a trade show booth might be considered a great option for first-time exhibitors seeking to "test the trade show waters." If you're planning to show at a couple of trade shows, does it make sense to purchase owning an display?

13. Develop a Welcoming Booth Space

Whether your trade show booth space is large or small, making certain your exhibit is inviting is a crucial part of booth design. The main element to creating an inviting booth is including elements that entice guests to engage in your booth. For instance, a counter-top or table at the front end of your booth could aesthetically block guests from joining your booth space from the aisle, even though they are speaking with booth staff. Seats, charging stations, refreshments and entertainment space encourage weary participants to have a rest in your booth.

14. Secure your Expensive Items

When you have expensive products, giveaways or laptops in your booth, make certain to acquire secure places to store these things after time. During show time, place expensive items well within your booth space where they can not easily be taken.

15. Keep Shipping In Mind

Heavy and over-sized booths can be costly to dispatch to-and-from the trade show site. Plus, large exhibits require expo staff to transport your trade show display from the warehouse to your booth space (drayage) and help with assembly and dismantle (I&D). At Trade Show House, we specialize in portable trade show display solutions. All of our products are light and portable saving you money in the long run compared to other vendors.

A few more bonus tips to consider:

• Don't overextend yourself during post-show happenings. Go to sleep early on, eat a well-balanced diet, and prevent late get-togethers and receptions to continue your business during multiple-day shows.

• Dress to Make an Impression (While Outstanding Comfortable)
Business informal apparel is generally suitable for trade show exhibitors. It offers a specialist appearance while making certain you stay cool and comfortable throughout the function. You'll be on your legs all day long, so be certain to wear comfortable shoes! It is also smart to dress in levels as temperatures can vary greatly.

• Take time to visit other booths and gain valuable information into your competition, fads in your industry, suppliers and more. Plus, focusing on how other companies promote themselves and their products may provide as ideas for future display ideas. You can even use this possibility to meet people in your industry.

• Use tablets and smartphones to remain organized. Technology tools offer versatile ways to write down notes or shoot business lead information while on the road. By staying sorted out throughout the function, you can follow-up with visitors following the event efficiently. Smartphone apps, such as Evernote or CardMunch, are excellent ways to remain organized and employed.

Phew, that was a whole lot of information, but we guarantee that, if you follow these tips, your first trade show will run efficiently. At Trade Show House, our company is committed to offering you the right tools to ensure that your experience is a great one. If you have any questions about trade show booth design or other exhibit questions, please feel free to call us at (732) 326-2130 and one of our trade show specialists will be happy to assist you.

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