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8 Tips To Consider When Designing Your Trade Show Display

8 Tips To Consider When Designing Your Trade Show Display

A traditional trade show expo has a large number of booths that fill the exhibit floor. If you wish to stick out from the competition, your overall booth design really needs lots of elements which will make it special. You have a limited timeframe to grab the interest of event guests.

Designing your trade show booth begins prior to you creating graphics or a layout structure for the booth, and ends with the impact it has on your target audience. Listed below are 8 tips to consider when designing your trade show display.

Tip #1: Choose an Objective

Before you design a trade show display, you will need to determine who your audience is and what your goal is once you draw in their attention. It could appear clear, because you likely know your purpose and market for your business. However, the attendees at a trade show may be somewhat different. You truly have to place yourself in the shoes of your target audience and find out what would make someone come to your trade show booth.

Tip #2: Reserve Your Booth Layout Early

Some booths are difficult to reserve, because the same businesses attend every year, or they may be prime locations and incredibly costly. In the event that you do get any say in the booth, pick the best location available. Try to get a corner booth space or near the front of an aisle, for example.

Once you know the size and location of your booth space, you can decide the best way to lay out your trade show display so that it attracts people in and has good traffic flow. Consider how visitors will maneuver around your booth if it gets especially crowded.

Tip #3: Think Bigger

Think about ways and ideas for you to make your booth attractive both close up and from a distance. Large overhead hanging banners suspended from the ceiling can attract extra attention to your trade show booth.

Tip #4: Limit the Number of Colors

You might like to add a splash of color to your booth design, but don't want your booth to appear like a rainbow. A great tip is to limit your palette of colors to two or three. Otherwise, you risk your message getting lost in the bursts of color. It is easy for people to get distracted with the design, when the design should actually compliment your message.

Tip #5: Choose Your Fonts Carefully

It's important to think about which fonts and type faces you want to use in your trade show booth design. Take into consideration how different fonts might appear in larger print and in smaller print, as your booth design will probably have both. How will the font look from a distance? Is it easily readable at a quick glance? How does it look up close? Artsy fonts and scripts often do not translate well for signage, so try to avoid them.

Tip #6: Keep Text at Eye Level

Take into account the impact your signage has as attendees approach your booth. While you want to put signage high to be observed from a distance, additionally you want to put it close and personal for floor displays. Refrain from placing content and text down at people's feet. Instead, you should put your tagline at eye level. Take into consideration that a table cover might look nice when the booth is empty, however when the aisle is packed, your trade show backdrop of your booth is the only thing attendees will probably see over the sea of other people.

Tip #7: Bring Your Own Lighting

It is difficult to predict how well lit the convention hall might be even if you have been there in previous years. Things can change, lights can go out and other booths can cast a shadow over your booth space. This is why it's important that you bring your own display lighting and have a well-lit booth that is easy to be seen.

As a general rule, space your lights every two or three feet within your booth. This will ensure people can easily see your displays and signage clearly, whatever the light situation is at the expo.

Tip #8: Use High Quality Images

It's very important to make use of the highest-quality images possible. Understand that the images you choose are often enlarged to a much bigger size, so consider how that will convert. If your company isn't well known, then consider using images that show your product in action. Hire a professional photographer to shoot photos of people using of your product, or problems your service or product solves. Additionally you want a good balance of words, graphics and white space inside your booth.

Bonus Tip: Make an Impact!

A well designed trade show display makes a direct impact on the event's attendees. Every aspect of your trade show booth must work together to meet the objective you have set for that event. From promotional items you give away, to the floor displays to the booth signage at different heights, everything should leave a memorable and long-term impression on your booth visitors.

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