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8 Powerful Tips To Attract More Visitors To Your Trade Show Booth

8 Powerful Tips To Attract More Visitors To Your Trade Show Booth

You've guaranteed your spot at the approaching trade show - the main one everyone in your industry attends. There is a 10x10 trade show booth with your name onto it. But how will you make those attendees stop and notice you?

Forget the plain and boring pipe and drape booth. Why purchase a spot if you are not looking to stick out? People aren't attracted to a flat booth that appears exactly like all others. By infusing your booth with your brand and employing many of these creative trade show booth ideas, you'll transform your trade show display into a beacon that attracts crowds.

Tip #1: Infuse Your Brand

You understand strong branding is important in your marketing strategy. It's how you will share your message and let people really know what makes your business unique. Branding is just as important when developing a trade show display. By labeling every aspect of your display, you produce a cohesive look that's memorable. Additionally you help your customers find out about your service or product instantly.

Branding your trade show display moves beyond your logo design and colors. Is your business playful and lighthearted, or serious and professional? Do you focus on being eco-friendly? Could it be essential that you give back to your community?

Great branding is merely the first rung on the ladder to creating a trade show booth that will both spark participants' curiosity and become remembered.

Tip #2: Create A Photo Op

In a world dominated by the "selfie," a photo booth or similar photo op in your trade show booth can draw in some major foot traffic. Photo ops help make new friends, which can break the ice and help facilitate dialogue with a fresh client.

Combining a graphic backdrop for photos changes your booth into an interactive experience and a way to obtain entertainment. A retractable banner or step and repeat backdrop are two great options - they easily set up anywhere and integrate your logo and business information. Another option is to integrate a cut-out picture frame that uses your company's logo and branding colors.

Make your image op even more desirable by including fun props or costume characters. Who wouldn't want a photograph with a bodybuilder at a fitness themed trade show booth, or with a video game character representing a gaming business? Think beyond the eyeglasses and funny hats.

Snapping photos is easy. Use an iPad or perhaps a phone for taking the pictures. Take full advantage of this experience by getting the passer-by enter their email to get their image digitally. You can even have checkboxes requesting them to subscribe to your email newsletter for product discounts and for authorization to make use of their image on your brand's social channels. Post the photographs on your Facebook, Instagram and/or Tweets accounts showing an individual touch to your brand. Use a distinctive hashtag to encourage enthusiasts and fans to become listed on the fun.

Want to reach beyond your current audience? Tag the individuals who are in the photos so their friends notice your brand. You may reach new potential clients beyond the event with this simple, interactive trade show booth idea.

Tip #3: Integrate Social Media

We already discussed how incorporating social media with your photo ops, but there are different ways to use your social media accounts to catch the attention of visitors to your booth. Start long before the day of the event to build excitement. Use various hashtags to make your social media posts easy to find. Be sure you find out if the trade show you will be heading to has a proper hashtag, and create a distinctive tag for your booth as well.

You can tease a few of the amazing things you should have at your booth, share a bit more about your business or encourage people why they need to visit you at the show. Sharing the social media posts from the official trade show accounts can also help get people excited about the event and visiting your unique booth.

At the event, continue making use of your social media accounts to generate excitement. Use hashtags specific to the event, and post throughout the day to give updates. Try recording a Facebook Live video from your booth, and ask anyone who couldn't come join you on camera. A thrilling, high-energy Facebook Live broadcast produces enjoyment online, but it could also draw in people at the event. They'll want to research the source of all the excitement. You can even encourage booth visitors to use the same hashtags you're using to help spread the word.

For younger followers, consider using Snapchat or putting together a geo-filter which includes the event name and your brand. Geo-filters are low-cost Snapchat frames that can be unique to your brand, and are powerful in attracting selfie-takers to your booth.

Have your social media account information printed out on your banners so trade show participants may easily find and follow you. This can help you create a relationship with potential prospects, even if they don't buy, subscribe or otherwise make a decision at the trade show.

Tip #4: Offer Something Everyone Wants

Have you ever found yourself on the hunt at a trade show for an interesting item you noticed someone else holding?

There is an art to swag. An ideal free giveaway can not only make your brand stay top-of-mind, but also get others to visit your booth. If you are in the gardening or landscaping business, think flower or seed packets. For the auto industry, consider bumper stickers or an air freshener.

In the age of technology, trade show guests spend lots of time on their devices checking email, calling their office and participating on social media. All those things drains battery quickly, making a bothersome hurdle.

Attract more folks to your booth with a convenient remedy for those common technology issues. A charging station for various devices is easy enough to create, and keeps guests in your booth long enough to find out about your business. Cover those tables with custom table covers that display your company's logo and key message. While guests charge their devices, they gain exposure with your company.

You can even utilize this time to engage with visitors. Set up a monitor with a training video presentation that talks about your business, or provide iPads with an interactive experience related to your business. Inquire further questions about their current problems and needs as they relate with your products and services.

Tip #5: Think Big

You can create a creative and unique trade booth at the standard height, but going BIG makes your booth visible long before participants reach your aisle. Integrate components that stretch out high above your booth to make a beacon for your business.

Overhead trade show hanging banners can be seen from a distance and make attendees want to learn what is below. Integrate large scale fabric banners suspended from a high ceiling displaying your brand or logo that appears to hover over your booth.

Another option is to incorporate a large custom printed flags to generate foot traffic to your trade show booth. Position the flag to stand out from your booth, when possible, to make your trade show display more notable. A large flag that extends vertically pulls attention from afar, and can be especially useful for folks looking for your booth through a sea of people.

Tip #6: Provide An Exclusive Trade Show Deal

A special offer designed simply for trade show guests is a superb way to close bargains that day. Special offers generate enthusiasm, which draws more guests to look for your business. Individuals who might buy anyways have a larger incentive to do so at the trade show, alternatively than holding out and possibly forgetting about your company.

Tip #7: Provide Demos of Your Product or Service

When you have a physical product, take the opportunity to demo it at the show, when possible. Discussing your product with attendees is all well and good, but allowing people view it in action allows your product to speak for itself. You can perform demos as people approach, or you can generate excitement and build a crowd by doing demos at specified times.

Tip #8: Make It Interactive

An interactive trade show display offers guests something to do. In addition, it makes your business memorable. Trying out your product is one way of achieving that interactive concept. Another option is a game, contest or giveaway.

Here are a few examples of simple game options for the next trade show:

  • Easter Egg Hunt: Before the attendees arrive, strategically place postcards or other printed materials around the venue. The postcard should let whoever finds it that they won a prize. To redeem it, the winner must go to your booth. This gets more people to your booth, and it offers a natural conversation starter. Consider using a large retractable banner stand or other signage that lets finders know they're in the right location to redeem the postcard. Do not forget to post about the game on your social media accounts using the trade show's hashtags.
  • Check-In Contest: Growing your reach beyond participants is always a very important thing. Get the guests to help by checking in in your booth or tagging you in a post. Everyone who completes the task receives an entry into the drawing. Make certain the prize will be worth it, so you increase the volume of participants. Have a custom sign or banner printed with information regarding the contest. You can even produce a QR code and also have it branded on the signage to alert visitors to the contest easily.
  • Trivia: A straightforward trivia game based on your industry is another fantastic way to attract visitors. In addition, it initiates a conversation and enables you to easily transition into discussing your service or product. One option is to include little tips or images on your trade show booth background that relate with the questions. Your visitors have to then search your trade show display background to find the answer.

At Trade Show House, our company is committed to offering you the right tools to ensure that your trade show display experience is easy and stress-free. If you have any questions about trade show booth design or other exhibit questions, please feel free to call us at (732) 326-2130 and one of our trade show specialists will be happy to assist you.

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