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6 Signs You Need A New Trade Show Booth

6 Signs You Need A New Trade Show Booth

1. Your customers always remember you because your trade show booth has remained the same the past several years.

It really is never a good indication when a customer can point you out on the trade show floor because your trade show booth has not changed the past several years. Everything is usually just how they remembered. It is very important nowadays to keep your trade show booth design up-to-date. You do not want to bore your audience with the same subject matter every year. Keep it fresh and your customers will be certainly take notice, and so will new leads.

2. The photographs you used were pre-1990's.

It is important that you aren't using dated photographs in your trade show display. If your company is pertinent in technology, the photographs on your trade show booth should show this. You don't want images of large old computers your company used 20 years ago viewed when you presently work on flat screens and laptops. There are various factors that go into choosing the right photos for your trade show display.

3. You're launching a new product or service.

A trade show is a fantastic opportunity for your company or brand to showcase your new line of products and services. Developing new trade show graphics that will point out these products services in your booth can really make a big difference. That is especially important if you are in a nitch market trade show. You do not want potential prospects to see your trade show booth and walk right by with out a second look at your new products and services. If you don't want to invest in redesigning a new trade show display, a simple banner stand can be a smart and budget friendly way to draw attention on the latest information.

4. Your trade show display isn't drawing in customers.

If show attendees are just walking past your booth without a second glance, you certainly need to redesign your trade show display. You merely have secs to appeal to your customers' attention. If you are having trouble determining what you should do to change this, have a look at your competition. Make an effort to see why their setup is so effective. Do they have a training video display projecting their latest products? Is their trade show booth setup designed in a unique way? Are their graphics and trade show display able to be seen across the room? After you have evaluated these exact things you will be in a better position to make some effective changes.

5. The trade show exhibit you have is too small or the traffic flow isn't working.

A small trade show booth may deter customers from visiting you if the area is too packed. No one desires to bump into the other person while trying to see your products. We recently had a customer come to us because their traffic flow for their booth had not been working as they wanted. They had a need to provide samples of their product, but their current trade show booth layout had not been designed correctly to support this. We helped them redesign their new trade show exhibit so there was a simple path for the consumers to walk through for a sample while still walking by colorful eye-catching graphics offering knowledge about the business and the various products they provided.

6. Your current trade show booth can't provide the latest technology you would like to use.

There are various technological options you can use in your trade show booth that can make you to stand out against your competition. These include TV mounted displays, laptop stands, innovative touch screen displays and kiosks, gaming systems and even photo booths. Interactivity is a superb way to really get your consumers interested in visiting your booth and building new leads.

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