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3 Proven Tips To Maximize Your Trade Show Investment

3 Proven Tips To Maximize Your Trade Show Investment

Trade show success requires more than simply handing out business cards. As fun as trade shows can be, many people simply forget that these special events often provide the best networking and business opportunities they may have all year.

With an excellent opportunity such as this to make an impact on your business, you'll want to make the most of it and put yourself forward for clients to get noticed. Rather than simply offering your business cards to everyone on the trade show floor, follow these tips to increase your presence and generate quality business leads.

Tip #1: Send Invitations Prior to the Show and Follow-up with Thank You's

To start with, you want to ensure that the audience you are marketing to attends the event. Invite your present clients and potential leads to meet you at the expo you are exhibiting at. You can also send special deals or gifts to be redeemed in your trade show booth on the show floor.

Schedule one-on-one conferences with clients in your trade show booth. You should use these opportunities to present your product or service and attach a friendly face to your brand, which in return, will supply a personal connection between you and your client.

Keep an eye on the reps that visit your booth during the trade show and be certain to follow-up with them by mailing a handwritten "Thank You" note. This sincere gesture of appreciation leaves an excellent impression of you with clients, and they're going to make sure to keep you in mind long after the event takes place.

Social media is another great platform of marketing for an event. Create a Facebook event specific to your company to remind followers to visit you, and make mentions of clients that meet with you at the event on Twitter or Instagram. Connecting with clients on LinkedIn keeps the professional networking after the show has ended and could help setup future developments.

Tip #2: Make Your Trade Show Booth An Ideal Place For Conversation

Even though you have a killer marketing pitch about your business, you ultimately need a comfortable environment and the required time to win over a new customer. Design your trade show booth with optimal meeting areas to discuss your products and services with visitors to keep the conversation going longer.

Offer comfortable seats and plush carpeting as a retreat from the chaotic show floor. Adding free food or refreshments to your trade show booth will attract people like flies. Make an effort to minimize external noise as much as you can for better interactions and a far more relaxed environment. On top of that, adding a charging station kiosk for smartphones and tablets will ensure your clients stay temporarily tethered to your trade show display.

Free notepads and pens showcasing your company's logo can not only offer you free advertising, but also a way to jot down notes throughout your various conversations with visitors so you can follow-up with them on that subject following the event.

Tip #3: Demonstrate Your Knowledge Within Your Industry

No matter what you are selling, you want to be viewed as the best in your industry by your clients. You need to show that your experience is more valuable than what similar companies can provide. One way to do this is to can get on a discussion panel at your desired expo or convention.

Research panels before your event and volunteer to produce a presentation. Demonstrating as a specialist in your field will create interest from clients and opponents alike; they will want to get to know you to be able to get advice and uncover the secrets of your success.

Obviously, only try out this if you are an experienced veteran of your industry. The most detrimental thing you can do for your image is be viewed as unqualified in front of your peers, so don't send an intern to do this job.

Getting Quality Business Leads At Your Next Trade Show

Your ability to grow a meaningful connection between you as well as your potential clients often means the difference between a huge sale and a neglected opportunity. It's just like a mini job interview; in a brief timeframe, you will need to show how your business is valuable to your customer and exactly how you stand apart from your competition.

By following these proven tips, you'll be putting yourself in a position of confidence and success when you touch base for new customers and maximizing your trade show investment. If you are looking for ideas in developing a new trade show display for the next trade show or expo, free to call us at (732) 326-2130 and one of our trade show specialists will be happy to assist you.

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